I am a visual artist, working primarily in two-dimensional drawings and defiance.
My recommendation is to consider the work before the writing.
(Though I don’t necessarily recommend my own recommendations.)

My Morning Structure:
      I wake up
      I make coffee
      I walk the dog
These things are mundane, until you calculate how many times I have done them 
Now they are absurd.

This is the focus of my work: absurd repetition.
First glance, my drawings are impressively rendered:
how beautiful (maybe boring)
You can choose to leave here—
A second look; how funny!
These are drawings of humor
Not the “laugh out loud” comedy
One that requires consideration of their structure
Built upon my own absurd assertions of liberation

My Drawing Structure:
      1.     Realism = absurd
              There are cameras that can capture my subjects in greater detail than I can
              in a fraction of the time
              Ironically, I photograph all my subjects before drawing them
              Soon AI will be able to generate them
              Yet I still set about my task wholly devoted; how funny!
      2.     The empty space = autonomy
              I have an affection for the surface of the paper
              as I have an affection for control
              in a world where I have little (if any)

              The blank space is the environment controlled; how funny?
      3.     The subjects = structure
The corners of the apartment where two walls meet
              provide support to the living space
              The tape on the studio wall
              provide support to the drawings in progress
              These boring things provide stability
              Stability provides autonomy; hm, funny.

It may be absurd, but I construct my own freedom through drawing.
It is my structure.
Rebellion is not the casting off of constraining structures.
Rebellion is formatting your own.